Crisis Response and Education Resources

The Crisis Response Education and Resource Committee (CRERC) of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

 has excellent information for mental health professionals interested in the field of crisis response. The purpose of the Committee is to support

professional development in the field of crisis response by informing members about the mission and function of the CRER Committee,  

presenting historical perspective and foundational concepts, emphasizing the difference between crisis intervention and psychotherapy, 

suggesting steps for getting started, and delivering current resources for increasing knowledge, enhancing skills, and gaining experience. 

Members are encouraged to become part of the CAMFT Crisis Response Professional Development Group, which will allow associates to 

build a community of LMFT crisis responders by sharing ideas, interesting seminars, and field experiences. 

To learn more visit CAMFT Crisis Response

SD-CAMFT is collaborating with the San Diego Red Cross! They need volunteers and the quickest way to get involved is attending one of their meetings or signing up online as a volunteer! 

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