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04 Mar 2016 1:15 AM | Kiefer Rich (Administrator)


Hello Everyone!

Corrections Corporation of America, a private correction facility in Otay Mesa has 1200 detainee's, 400 of them being criminal element, waiting federal charges, or sentencing.  The other group is Immigrations Custom Enforcement (ICE), waiting for asylum hearings, deportation, or release into the community.  CCA detainees currently receive a very limited amount of programming while in custody and the management of the facility would like to change that!

I am looking for MFTs or MFT Interns who are interested in delivering group programming in this unique environment and to this under served population. CCA will conduct orientation and training for working inside a detention facility and program supervision will be provided by me. Currently, this is an unpaid experience as it is a pilot program. My hopes are that the community and CCA see the value of providing opportunities to the detainees and eventually turn this into a proper, full time program!

I am looking for people with experience in facilitating any number of groups, that could include:

Anger Management

Addiction ( AA or NA, psychoeducation, Matrix Model, CCSA, etc.)

Family Therapy

Healthy Relationships


Seeking Safety




Job Skills

Life Skills

Assimilation to a foreign country (USA)

?Name your group!

You may provide your own curriculum or use one pre-selected.

There is a need for many different languages as well.

Group days and times are still TBD and are very flexible. The average group would last about 2 hours.

You may volunteer to run one or several groups!

This is a unique opportunity for both you and the detainees. As a therapist, the opportunity to work inside a correctional facility is rare and adds an element to your experience that not many people have!

For the detainees, this opens a world of opportunity and educational/therapeutic services that they may never have the opportunity for – help make their time count!

I have many years experience in developing and implementing re-entry services and understand the special needs of persons being detained.

If you’re interested, please contact me with any questions and tell me about your interest and what group(s) you are interested in and your availability.

Kiefer Rich



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