SD CAMFT is looking for 

Board Members AND Committee Members!

Vacant Positions for 2020:

  • President Elect - Clinical, Licensed or Pre-licensed, Member of San Diego Chapter of CAMFT (Assumes presidency in January 2021). The President Elect shall succeed to the presidency. They shall be an ex-officio member of

    all committees except the Election committee. When serving ex officio, the President Elect shall not have the right to vote. The President Elect shall be a Committee Chairperson and perform such other duties as are delegated to them by the Board of Directors. The President Elect shall perform the duties of the President in the event of their inability to serve.

  • Membership - Clinical, Licensed or Pre-licensed, Member of San Diego Chapter of CAMFT (2 year term). The Membership Chair manages the San Diego Chapter membership, and participates in roles such as Hospitality, Member Recruitment, and Member Advocate. Responsibilities include: approving new members, managing membership renewals, archiving profiles whose membership has lapsed, responding to questions about membership application and fees, maintaining the membership roster, providing membership verification, recruiting new members, and coordinating 1-2 membership events per year.

  • Communication and Marketing Chair - Clinical, Licensed or Pre-licensed, Member of San Diego Chapter of CAMFT (2 year term). The Communication and Marketing Chair manages website content and creation through Wild Apricot, social media profiles and content (Facebook), posts scheduled events on website while maintaining CEPA marketing compliance, distributes CEPA compliant emails to members about events in coordination with the Education and CE Chairs, supports the Board in email and newsletter content distribution, and posts current and recent events on website. The Communication and Marketing Chair must be proficient in creating marketing materials and proficient in utilizing various electronic databases and platforms. 

  • Education Chair Clinical, Licensed or Pre-licensed, Member of San Diego Chapter of CAMFT (2 year term).  

    The Education Chair creates the annual events calendar, plans at least 4 educational events in coordination with the Board, secures venue and catering needs, registers participants at events, greets attendees, introduces speakers, maintains sign-in sheets, hands out and collects evaluations, distributes CEU certificates, recruits prospective presenters, tracks and obtains complete presenter forms, posts scheduled events and event outcomes on website in coordination with the Communication Chair while maintaining CEPA compliance, identifies event budget in coordination with Treasurer, represents SD CAMFT at events and maintains working relationships with presenters. Works closely with CEU and Sponsorship Chairs.

  • Member at Large - Clinical, Licensed or Pre-licensed, Member of San Diego Chapter of CAMFT (2 year term). This board member will organize and facilitate community walks, Networking Events, and increase the Chapter’s presence at various community walks and other events. This chairperson also engages in Marketing and Advertising activities and should have a good working knowledge of using websites, social media, and other online applications.

Benefits of Being a San Diego Chapter Board Member

  1.  Be a member of an organization creating opportunities for your colleagues.
  2.  Attend all events provided by SD CAMFT at no cost to you, including our CEU events!
  3.  Meet and network with mental health professionals across San Diego.
  4.  All Board Members have the opportunity to attend and participate in an annual Leadership Conference sponsored by CAMFT.
  5.  Build your leadership and networking skills.
  6.  Reduced fees for advertising and opportunities to blog and post on the SD CAMFT website.

Requirements for those interested in being a Board Member:

  1. Send your CV and a brief Letter of Intention outlining your desired position and qualifications to the Elections Committee
  2. Members of the Board must also be Members of San Diego Chapter of CAMFT and CA State CAMFT prior to nomination. Those who are not SD CAMFT and CAMFT members in good standing will NOT be placed on the ballot.
  3. The San Diego Chapter of CAMFT meets on the 1st Monday of the month in-person or via electronic platform. Board members are required to attend all Board Meetings.
  4. Monthly hourly commitment varies per role, but you can expect to volunteer at events or engage in task completion for 10-15hrs/month.

Are you thinking, “I’d love to help, but I don’t know if being a Board Member is for me?”

We’d love to have your help! We have a variety of opportunities to participate on committees! The following committees could use an energetic person like you! Also, Committee Members can be Clinical (Licensed) or Pre-Licensed Members of the Chapter! (Note: Committee Members must also be Members of both CAMFT and the San Diego Chapter of CAMFT)

Benefits include: Building your leadership skills, Meeting and Networking with other MFTs and professionals in the community, and having fun!

  • Mission and Vision Committee - Include your voice in further developing the Mission and Vision of the San Diego Chapter of CAMFT.
  • Community Committee - Act as a liaison to various community organizations. Help promote and facilitate our community events such as walks, fairs, volunteer work, and festivals.
  • Website Committee - This committee would benefit from a Tech Savvy person to help behind the scenes with our website!
  • Elections Committee- Help facilitate annual elections for Board positions.

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