We are excited to now offer scholarship opportunities to our pre-licensed members!

There are two scholarship funds available to chapter pre-license members. Three awards will be made annually of $250 each. There is a small application form and essay requirement and recipients will provide chapter service as part of the award.

For further information, visit the scholarship page:


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Elections are on their way!...No, not THOSE elections, Chapter elections!!!

Keep a look out for the Ballot in early November! To learn more about available positions, look here:


President's Message:

It's all about YOU!

The work you and all of us do is hard enough. Whether you're in private practice or an agency setting, or a little of column A and a little of column B...or even a third or fourth's hard work!! We teach self-care to our clients and we work with them on making improvements in their lives, but when was the last time someone helped YOU with these things? When was the last time someone, or some entity, made a change to make your life easier??

Well, the San Diego Chapter of CAMFT is going to take care of you! That's right, we're going to make things easier for you, to pamper you a little. How, you may ask? For the months of May and June, we are LOWERING the cost of some CEU events...and even making some free. Yes And we are doing this without affecting or lowering the the high standard of events that you have come to appreciate!

Our events will still be at amazing and different venues and offer a host of relevant and important guest speakers! We're still going to offer you yummy food and prizes, all at a lower (or some free) cost to you!

If you are a therapist or other helping professional, join us! We strive to be a community that informs, advocates, and assists our members in being respected and successful helping professionals. We still have an open Board position and invite you to help make us a stronger team! See our Board page for more info.

Wishing you wellness and health,

Kiefer Rich, LMFT
SD-CAMFT President

Please check our website regularly for event updates.

Members, please post questions, as well as share information (such as recent research, articles, podcasts, etc.) on our forum. Be active in our community, which is for you, to support you, support your practice, and support your clients.

Volunteer opportunities

Join the San Diego CAMFT Board! Or helps us with our events, let us know if you want to help out!The perks to volunteering with SD-CAMFT include networking, promoting the field of Marriage and Family Therapy, being well informed of all things that effect MFTs, and feeling good about your contribution to wellness in our community.

Community CE Opportunities

SD-CAMFT partners with various agencies in the community to offer you discounts to community events. Check out our News page for more info!


The purpose of the organization shall be to call together and support members of our profession in southern San Diego County and to support the objectives and purpose of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. 


Upcoming events

Recent Events

State of CAMFT! 

Last night we had an outstanding, FREE event with Jill Epstein, Executive Director, JD of CAMFT. Did you know that you can advocate for your own rate with insurance companies? Stay tuned to CAMFT's webinar on this. The veteran's choice program may be going away and CAMFT is advocating that it stays. This allows veterans to choose their own provider if their normal provider is unavailable to see them, reducing emergency room and urgent care demands. Did you more here

Save a Life Walk!

Over the weekend SD-CAMFT supported San Diego Save a Life Walk promoting Suicide Prevention! Several professionals, businesses, organizations, and individuals joined together to increase education & awareness. 

Therapist Attorney Luncheon: Gender and Race Bias

Commissioner Darlene White & Dr. Lori A. Love presented on Gender/Race Bias in the Court System: Everybody has a bias and it's ok. We have preferences to things that are familiar to us and we sometimes try to simplify our complex world. As therapists we have to acknowledging that we have it…read more here

Somatic Experiencing in Private Practice

Bernadette Talia, LCSW, SE Practitioner presented on the well researched Somatic Experiencing approach and it's use with clients in private practice. As we watch an animal in the wild shake off a trauma, we as humans also need to learn how to embrace the bodies response to trauma. She reviewed targeting the underlying dysregulation in nervous system that maintains trauma symptoms by using techniques such as orientation, felt sense, tracking, resourcing, external and internal resources for more here

Mindfulnes and Aging

Livia Walsh, RN, LMFT and Luis Morones, LMFT presented on how mindfulness and self-compassion practices may enhance life in our elder years." The truth of impermanence cannot be avoided. Aging is a "natural and organic process"...(Livia). When working with clients begin the conversation more here

Annual Mental Health Collaboration Mixer at Balboa Park

Once again, the mental health disciplines in San Diego, gathered together for an afternoon of sharing, networking and fun!

See more 

Self Care Member Appreciation Event: Chaos to Calm

SDCAMFT and Soleil Hepner of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy held an intimate membership appreciation event promoting self care for those who give for a living in La Jolla.  The event focused on mindfulness, compassion fatigue, and awareness of self.   



Prelicense Meeting: The journey to Licensure

SDCAMFT had the first meeting for 2016 with its prelicense membership.  Members enjoyed delicious cupcakes and had discussion about hours and the new exams.  Continue to check the events for more meetings.  The Prelicense Committee is looking to have at least one prelicense meeting or event each month to help provide support.   

Trauma Informed Mindfulness  

SD CAMFT and The Center for Mindfulness had a huge turn out for the trauma-informed mindfulness event! Participants learned a framework of delivering mindfulness meditations, mindfulness practices and mindfulness-based interventions. The techniques learned gave a healing and supportive approach rather than re-traumatizing, triggering, or otherwise injuring persons with trauma histories or PTSD. Participants also engaged with FOUR amazing sponsors!  

Using Smartphone Apps to Improve Mental Health and Addiction Treatment 

22 million suffer from Substance Use Disorder 50% have co-occurring disorders, and it costs 30+ billion...annually. These are some of the staggering statistics Dr. Rigo Brueck referenced when discussing the potential for mobil health use. Consumers are looking for healthy options on the go and mobil health seems to be the answer. Several apps are out there however not all are backed by evidence based therapies or research....

LGBQTI Awareness 

Presenters, Liat Wexler, Training Specialist and Dana McNeil, MFTI discussed key points in working with LGBQTI individuals, couples and families. Members learned about gender identity, gender expression, orientation, healthy and unhealthy boundaries, and learned Gottman's Couples' interventions. 

Therapist/Attorney Networking Luncheon: "Parental Alienation"

Susan Griffin, Dr. Slover and Judge Goldsmith discussed parental alienation and stressed that it is not always done intentionally. A few recommendations are watching the language used, obtaining consultation with professional supervisors and stress the system as the problem, not the person in the family unit. For book recommendations Click Here!

2016 NAMI Walk

San Diego CAMFT supported the NAMI Walk at the Resource Fair through the wind and rain!  It was a cold and windy day, but it was great to see so many people supporting the awareness of mental health. 

Working with Middle Eastern Refugee and Immigrant Families

Expert Panelists and Clinicians from Survivors of Torture, Chaldean-Middle Eastern Social Services, and San Diego Youth Services discussed ways to help Middle Eastern families acculturate, heal from their traumatic experiences, and find resources in the community to adapt to the new host culture. Clinicians became aware of the cultural stigma of therapy, the obstacles and struggles that Middle Eastern refugee and immigrant families deal with on a daily basis and the continued support needed to adapt more efficiently. It was a very powerful, motivating, and inspiring workshop!


Community Reinforcement & Family Training (C.R.A.F.T) with Dr. Rigo Brueck, Psy 25588, LMFT 48997

Addiction expert Dr. Brueck introduced C.R.A.F.T. to a group of MFT's last night discussing the importance of using a systemic approach with addictions. The quality of life for the concerned significant other (CSO) is the main focus of this protocol. Dr. Brueck discussed using techniques with the CSO such as non-judgmental interaction styles, building positive expectations, allowing for negative consequences, and placing responsibility where it belongs. To learn more about the C.R.A.F.T. approach visit


Pre-License Exam Prep Workshop

Experts from Gerry Grossman Seminars and Therapist Development Center provided tips and information to pre-licensed members regarding the new restructured exam. Students were able to ask questions and be informed of ways to study for the exam, as well as receive discounts on materials. Click Here to learn more. 

Cupcakes and Conversations: Mental Health Mixer

Various mental health professionals met at Babycakes in Hillcrest to have some great conversations while indulging in some delicious cupcakes outside on their beautiful back patio area.  It was great to socialize and network with individuals enjoying the warm weather.   Click here to learn more.

2016 Annual Meeting and State of CAMFT

A new year brings with it some exciting changes!  CAMFT members were given the opportunity to hear some of those changes first hand at our annual meeting and State of CAMFT at 57 degrees. CAMFT CEO Jill Epstein shared the news!  Click here to learn more.

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The purpose of the organization shall be to call together and support members of our profession in southern San Diego County and to support the objectives and purpose of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Copyright © 2014, CAMFT San Diego Chapter. All rights reserved. Professional Organization existing to serve local Marriage and Family Therapists and other mental health professionals in the San Diego County Area. P.O.Box 880843, San Diego, CA 92168-0843

Copyright © 2014, CAMFT San Diego Chapter. All rights reserved. Professional Organization existing to serve local Marriage and Family Therapists and other mental health professionals in the San Diego County Area. P.O.Box 880843, San Diego, CA 92168-0843
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