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SD CAMFT Therapist of Color Support Group and Therapist of Color Facebook Group

San Diego CAMFT is happy to continue our monthly Therapist of Color Support Group. This group is an open discussion format for individuals to share, discuss, seek, and provide support. This is a closed space for those who identify as POC/BIPOC/TOC. For those who no not identify as such, please be on the lookout of additional groups that center on allyship. This is a FREE event. You must be a San Diego CAMFT member to register.

Register here:

Request to join our Facebook group for updates & discussion here:

Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community via Sunshine Behavioral Health

A FREE informational resource covering key issues such as:

  • How Racism Causes Mental Health Problems
  • Common Serious Mental Illnesses Among Black People
  • Why Don’t More Black People Seek Mental Health Help?
  • The Importance of Culturally Competent Care

Anti-Racism Training from the Diversity and Resiliency Institute of El Paso

This is a FREE training. Several of our board members have previewed it and found it informative. Note: if you have a Texas license you can pay and receive CEUs.

Are you curious about exploring your own unconscious biases? Local therapist Charmaine Utz of Living Unapologetically developed this free workbook to help.

“Have you asked yourself what you can do so you don't reinforce the prejudices and systemic “isms” in our world today? We are all impacted by our unconscious biases. Having difficult conversations with ourselves is part of the change that needs to occur.

Here’s What You CAN Do: A 30-day Challenge to Lean Into Your Biases
In my work with people, there is one theme that continues to be more present than anything else. For those who have some understanding of biases, they aren’t sure what to do and HOW to address their own. This 30-day Bias Challenge emerged in response to this issue. It is a starting point to learn the process of deeper work around your biases. Each day/week will bring a new layer to your work. By the end of the challenge, you should be able to:

1. Have a good understanding of how to challenge yourself to lean into your biases
2. See areas of learning that need your attention
3. Identify where you want to go next on your journey”

Resmaa Menakem is a Healer, Author, Trauma Specialist

“Our society needs to break down systems and institutions that perpetuate the concept of white body supremacy and recognize how the myth of race and historical trauma is deeply ingrained into our culture. I’ve developed somatic-body approaches that negotiate the common historical and perpetual myths that Black bodies, Native bodies, and other bodies of color are inherently deviant and that the white body is the standard of humanness.”

His website includes more information on his books, courses, and podcast.
Follow RESMAA ROCKS for more.

For a list of anti-racism resources including recommended books, podcasts, articles, movies, videos, organizations to follow, and additional resources:

If you would like to submit additional anti-racism resources to be included on this page, please email the resources to: or

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