Half Time Office Available for Mental Health & Adjunct Professionals

  • 10 Feb 2022 12:45 PM
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    Welcome to Our Premier Suite for Mental Health and Adjunct Professionals

    We invite you to explore joining us in our very special 10-office suite that was carefully designed and constructed for the distinct needs of therapists and adjunct professionals.

    AVAILABILITY: One Half-Time Office.

    THE BUILDING: Our prestigious, three-story, brick-faced building has a stunning architectural design. These well-kept premises have recently been upgraded, including: new landscaping, a new main entrance lobby with rich wood features, and stylish restrooms. The benefits will extend far beyond your office walls to the lush property and newly renovated outdoor atrium courtyard with a soothing water feature and a peaceful seating area. Invitees can reach our suite's third floor either by way of an elevator or two staircases. ADA specifications are met. Our favorably valued building projects a sense of respectability to your clients.

    LOCATION: As you know, is one of the most important factors for any successful client-centered business is the location. Our building is centrally located in San Diego...just a short driving distance to La Jolla, Del Mar, Torrey Pines, Carmel Valley, Scripps Ranch, Cardiff, Rancho Santa Fe, etc. Our building is situated at the gateway to Sorrento Mesa, one of the top tech capitals in the world with thousands of high-wage professionals working nearby. Our offices are immediately near much of the regional freeway network while conveniently accessible via I-805. We are also quite close to Highways 5 and 56. 

    THE SUITE, YOUR OFFICE: Observers would refer to our prominent, top-floor, South and West facing space as the Building's "Presidential Suite" or "Penthouse Suite". Many other offices are either located in cheaply constructed "Executive Suites" filled with various and sundry other businesses or they are found in suites that were already built out with sub-standard or minimal soundproofing. Many are small offices hidden away at the end of some narrow corridor. Our roomy main interior hallways average 5' wide (see photos). Many other buildings have a design that "traps" several offices in the interior with no windows or small exterior rooms with minimal windows. Our configured Suite was specifically designed and constructed "from the ground up" as an ideal work environment for therapists. The structure of our Building is based on an open oval axis around the atrium. This allows the offices to have expansive windows.  The "exterior" offices are afforded long panoramic views to the South and West with some dramatic sunsets! All interior lighting in the suite comes from "warm" dimmable overhead LEDs. 

    THE WAITING ROOM: This room is large, contemporary, and comfortable with tasteful, eclectic, commercial-free music. The ceiling has an artfully recessed two-toned soffit with aimed warm LED spotlights for art on the walls. This fully appointed and stylishly decorated room conveys a successful, yet warm first impression to your invitees. Each therapist's name is listed on the waiting room's stone "Tenant Directory" where we have employed the classic visitor arrival "lighting system" common in mental health offices. Hence, privacy is enhanced as clients need not announce their names in the waiting room. When invitees arrive, they simply flip on a light switch next to your name on the Directory which turns on two lights at opposite ends of your office to let you know they have arrived.

    SOUNDPROOFING: Privacy is an important value for all therapists and their clients. Great effort and a significant amount of money were expended on extensive soundproofing that has been customized with sophisticated technology. Included in this soundproofing are: thick sound-inhibiting insulation over the ceilings, expensive "sound walls" meshed between each office wall, self-lowering "sweep bars" under each office's solid core door, three "white sound machines" in the inner halls, extra sound-deadening modifications are added where office walls connect to the windows' metal "mullions", electrical outlets on opposite sides of adjoining office walls are offset from one another to prevent sound easily passing from one office to the other, and our waiting room has no shared walls with any of our offices.

    THE BREAK ROOM: The Break Room has a refrigerator with filtered water and an ice-maker, a microwave oven, a Keurig and a Nespresso coffee maker, and a bull-nosed sink counter. The plumbing for the sink runs hot and cold water, and garbage disposal.

    PARKING: Free parking just steps away from the building entrance.

    SECONDARY EXIT: For extra privacy, clients may by-pass the waiting room as they exit out our secondary exit. Many tenants use this route as well as their path to the bathrooms or for entering and exiting for the day.

    THE PEOPLE AND THE ATMOSPHERE: After nearly five decades in this field, I've learned that among the most important features in a successful and satisfying private practice are the people who share the office space where you work.  We all strive to cooperate and create a comfortable, successful, professional atmosphere that will enhance the continued growth of everyone's practice...including yours.

    THE CLIENTELE "CATCHMENT AREA": Let's start with the demographics of Sorrento Mesa itself. This 12-square-mile area is highly desired among many nationally recognized businesses. As a result, Sorrento Mesa is home to the corporate headquarters of numerous recognized companies. Our Building is located just two blocks from the sprawling Alexandria Tech Center. This clientele catchment area is populated by a well-educated, highly paid workforce with a particular concentration of businesses in the fields of telecommunications, wireless applications, scientific, biotechnology research (aided by the close proximity to UCSD), and companies that are deeply involved in environmental protection interests. 77% of the population in Sorrento Mesa have college degrees and 34% have graduate or professional degrees.

    According to City-Data.com, the Average Adjust Gross Income for the Sorrento Mesa neighborhood alone is over $136K per year. As you are well aware, the median income is significantly higher for our neighboring catchment "feeder communities" just West and North of us in San Diego County's most affluent communities (La Jolla, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, etc.). Simply stated, most of us have found that the higher socioeconomic status of our surrounding "catchment areas" has helped generate excellent numbers of affluent clientele who can afford the rates of professional private practitioners. And fair or unfair, it is common for folks who come from those affluent communities to pre-judge their prospective therapist by the quality of the building, the suite, and the office they practice in. We have stepped up to the plate to project such quality...just in case you have clients who may be influenced by such imagery.

    EATERIES AND OTHER CONVENIENCES NEARBY: Our building is across the street from Sorrento Court, a 53,500 Square Foot retail center that includes numerous restaurants, Bank of America, and Chase Bank. One block south of us is Sorrento Plaza also with various eateries as well. Just two blocks north of us is Karl Strauss, an excellent dining location that boasts a lush garden setting featuring a large koi pond and waterfall, and three blocks East of us is Gravity Heights. Several hotels are nearby.

    SOME OTHER SPECIFICS AND EXCEPTIONAL AMENITIES: Copier/FAX/Scanner Multifunction Machine: We have available for your use: a copier, scanner, FAX multifunction machine. Your first 50 photocopies and incoming FAX pages per month are free.  All sending of FAXes are free...except for international faxes.

    Free Fast Wireless Internet: High speed WiFi service throughout the suite including the waiting room is free. Hence, you will be provided the password to the WIFI and you can surf the net to your heart's content...for free.

    Janitorial Services: Five-nights a week (except for holidays).

    Storage Room: Each tenant is provided space in the suite's storage room for non-confidential files, office supplies, a few personal items, and if room permits, possibly a few folding chairs for groups, etc.

    Easy Access to Outgoing U.S. Postal Mailbox: A mailbox is available near the front entrance of our building. Additionally, a later pick-up U.S. Postal box is directly across the street.

    Keys: Each office door has its own lock and key. You will have 7/24 access to the Suite and common areas.

    Who is Charlie Nelson, Ph.D., Your Prospective New "Landlord"? When considering joining any suite, it's probably helpful to know a little more about your new "Landlord". A professional vita can be provided upon request.

    Whether you are a Psychologist, M.F.T., L.C.S.W, L.P.C.C.,  adjunct professional, etc. we do hope you consider joining us!

    When you consider the many fine features combined with our Suite's convenient location, we think that you will love our sophisticated, yet comfortable and cost-effective suite. The exceptional quality of our building, the gorgeous courtyard, the large comfortable waiting room, and the standards of your office will all contribute to projecting an image of success of your practice. We have all learned that such an impression greatly enhances people's trust in our quality of work. We hope you agree that our Suite's numerous attributes shine and the rental rate is very fair for such a high-quality suite...one where you belong! We hope you find that our therapy Suite will be just what you are looking for.

    Odds N' Ends ("Stuff" you may want to know about):

    Utilities (other than phone service): Free
    Wireless internet (WIFI)                         Free
    Outgoing Domestic FAXes                     Free
    Installation of your name on porcelain sign in waiting room:                  Free
    Installation of your name on porcelain sign next to your office door: Free
    1st fifty photocopies each month (small charge after 50 copies)          Free

    Thanks much for considering our place...which can be your place as well!

    If you have any questions or want to make an appointment to tour this premier working environment where you and your practice can prosper... please feel free to give a call to Charlie Nelson, Ph.D. at 858..546..9255 or cell 858..442..6836

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