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  • 21 Aug 2022 4:42 PM
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    Dear Colleagues,

    It is with great pleasure that we announce our next Revised and Updated 20-week Group Intensive: Healing Your Past — Transforming Your Future, beginning Saturday, October 8th. Originally developed when we were the counseling affiliate of the John Bradshaw Center, this program focuses on healing family of origin wounds, toxic shame, and codependency. Our Intensive is a powerful and effective adjunct for individual therapy or couples therapy, when abandonment wounds, depression, low self-esteem, and shame are keeping your client stuck or in repetitive cycles. It is also a supportive and growthful adjunct for someone who is working a 12-Step program and has at least six months of sobriety/abstinence.

    Our focus on healing the inner child is accomplished through a combination of psychoeducation, experiential work, and guided exercises. Using the Zoom platform, we successfully incorporate psychodrama and somatic work in a safe container that permits each participant to do the deep healing work necessary to free themselves from shame binds and early trauma. With all new graphics and revised, updated, and expanded written materials, the psychoeducational portion of our program provides a cognitive framework and new perspectives that support group members in doing their inner work.

    Here’s what some recent graduates of our Zoom program report:

    “I feel like the 20 week (group) was more benefit than I got with 2 years of therapy previously. Daniel Lesny is a truly gifted therapist and the program is phenomenal. I’m so grateful the group went forward via zoom. I liked the format and it worked for me. Thank goodness for technology during this pandemic. My life has been changed forever, for the better… I couldn’t ask for a better outcome.”

    “Daniel created an atmosphere where I felt close to others even though it was online.”

    “I just completed the 20-Week John Bradshaw Inner Child group led by Daniel. I can’t recommend this group enough. My life has drastically transformed as a result of this group. The staff was so wonderful, professional, and caring. Daniel is an excellent therapist and this was by far my most effective and enjoyable experience thus far in my journey of healing. The group members developed such a special bond in the course of the 20 weeks, as well as with Daniel. Making the investment was worth it and I’m so glad I committed to this group.”

    An inclusive program for all, we have a few openings left in our Intensive scheduled to start Saturday, October 8th.

    For more online information about the Intensive, including a short video, please go to:




    To download a flyer to share with clients or colleagues:


    For more info or to refer any of your clients, please contact:

    Jason Saffer, jasons@creativegrowth.com, 510-527-2100 ext 5



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